How Film Set Construction Works – How Contractors Get The Job Done

Making a film requires a lot of work to create the proper setting for the action. Sometimes, the main characters are shot using a green screen, so that the background can be added in post-production. However, whenever this isn’t an option, the film crew has to design the film set and to hire contractors to build it. How contractors get it done is another story.

The first stage of this process is the initial briefing, where the filmmakers undergo market research to find the most suitable contractors for the job. Next, they organize a briefing session, a sort of Day 1 meeting, in which they discuss the scenario in detail with all team members and with all contractors involved in the project. This meeting is extremely important because it enables everybody to understand the specifications of the required film set, as well as the storyboard the film is going to be based on. This is the time for building contractors to express their concerns and to ask for all the details they need for proceeding with their work. Although a film set construction isn’t as complex as building a real house, there are many things to be careful about, as all details have to be by the instructions received during the briefing meeting. Besides, the total cost of the construction project has to meet the budget specifications.

Each production house has its own set of rules and regulations, and its won work procedures, so you’ll have to discuss all these details with their representatives. Moreover, you have to make sure you sign a services agreement, in which to mention all details regarding the work to be done, the estimated number of hours, the materials to be sued and the fees.

If you want to know more about providing construction works to film studios, you should get in touch with an expert in such legal matters, to find out what kind of documents and agreements you need. For instance, you have to think about insurance coverage for the event that someone gets injured during the construction process. All responsibilities and duties have to be defined, and all individuals and companies involved in the project need to become aware of all these. A good lawyer can explain you all these in great detail and help you put together a seamless work procedure and a robust service agreement. Most probably, the film production house will have their team of lawyers, as they usually want to be on the legal side of the things. This means both parties should agree on all details before starting the job. As the work progresses, new documents may be added to the initial agreement, to be clear about the responsibilities, duties, and rights of all involved parties. This is a brief overview of a film set construction process. How contractors get it done depends on the agreement between the parties, as well as on their professionalism.