How Hollywood Uses Search Engine Marketing To Promote Movies

Anyone who works online knows that search engine optimization or SEO is a critical part of being successful. SEO is how we drive visitors to our website and then hopefully turn them into customers. Almost every industry can benefit from effective SEO, and the movie industry is no exception. Movie production companies use SEO to raise their rankings in the major search engines. When someone searches online for a new movie, the goal is for their movie to be listed first. People tend to click on links that are in the top half of the screen, so the higher a movie is listed, the more likely it is that the person will click and learn more about it.

According to SEO for movies is just as important as it is for any business that has an online presence. There are some unique considerations when planning an SEO campaign around a movie release. One of the first considerations is the legal authority to promote the movie. Most producers and investors are happy with as much free publicity as possible but every so often and SEO campaign takes it too far.

Most movie brands are protected intellectual property or are trademarked. This makes it dicey to use their images or text when creating an SEO campaign. It pays to be careful to not cross the line between talking about a new movie on a blog and stay away from directly promoting it.

Another important consideration is the ability to weed through all the buzz surrounding a new release and find a fan or two of the movie who have a strong outreach into the community. Working with this type of influencer can significantly increase your reach.

It is also important to use the right images. Almost every movie outreach campaign is flooded with inspiring images and visual content. For a movie SEO campaign, pictures and images are better than infographics, and it is usually easy to find more than enough that are in the public realm.

According to Absolute Summit SEO, it helps to have an established relationship with movie bloggers and websites. Starting a movie SEO campaign from scratch is possible, but difficult. Approach the most prominent bloggers in advance and ask them for ideas and input on the campaign. They will know what is working and may have ideas about how to improve the SEO campaign.

It is true that some movies are a better bet for search engine optimization than others. Movies that enjoy a large, consistent audience are usually a good market. Beyond basic SEO for the movie, consider a wider campaign that also markets merchandise and other spin-off products. It is important to choose the right partnership between the movie and the merchandise. Attending to brand a certain product with a movie can backfire if the two aren’t a good match.

SEO is just as important for marketing a new movie as it is for marketing any new product. The SEO campaign should not cross any legal threshold and should be built on good data. One of the strengths of a movie SEO campaign is strong visuals and targeting an audience of returning fans.