The Top 3 Movies Every Marketing Student Should Watch

Besides being the best source of entertainment, movies are also the best and inexpensive ways to learn new strategies, especially in marketing. If you are looking to become successful, get motivated or learn the tricks to becoming a good entrepreneur, you can use movies to learn a few business tactics. Well, for the marketing students, here are the top 3 marketing movies you should watch.

1. Thank You For Smoking

SEOStarring Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor, the movie has a few controversial topics that come to light once you start watching. Nick, a lobbyist for tobacco products, makes his living by using his motivational skills to defend these products, at a time when the whole country is cracking down on the use of tobacco. As a marketing student, you can learn a few sales tactics from the movie, including how to sell something that other people might be completely against. The movie asks and answers all the important questions regarding ethics in business and marketing. From watching the movie, you can learn the best tactics to market any product, regardless of whether or not it is accepted in the country or the world.

2. Wall Street
court reporterStarring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, the movie follows the story of a young stockbroker who is looking to climb the ranks in a hurry. Suddenly, he joins the world of greedy stockbrokers and insider trading. With his middle-class upbringing, he starts questioning whether making easy women and being with fast women might be worth it. As a marketing student looking to join the saturated industry, the movie will provide you with a good basis to decide on your values and morals. It answers the question whether it is worth it using the back doors to get what you need or waiting to climb the ranks gradually.

3. The Pursuit Of Happiness
Based on a true story, the pursuit of happiness is a movie starring Will Smith as Christopher Gardner. Bankrupt and with a son to provide for, Christopher struggles every day to finally become a stock broker. The movie follows him and his son through the various trials until he becomes successful enough to provide for his child. As a marketing student, you can find the movie motivational especially if you are feeling like giving up after being in the industry for a while. You can also learn the virtues of being patient with everything life throws at you.